My name is Andrea. I am 12 years old and I go to JJHS.I am single! Enough said.
Bye Byez


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Jan 19, 2004

Today I started out going out with Zack Jackson (guy from camp) Then in is ifo he goes Andrea-it's over b----! well he is a retard if he thinks he can  play me like that. He needs to get a  life. Scotto and Carly showed him thoughLight Blue Oh yeah!lol.Den Scotto and Zack were going to fight then Zack signed off cause he got a little scared.ahahha.that shows you ! well im out.

Posted at 04:19 pm by Cherryontop
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Jan 17, 2004
I'm happier now


Kyle and I broke up today. We both agreed on it. I feel better now. I just want to start over. Not with him. But just my whole year at Jackson.Well there isn't much to say.

Bye Byez


Posted at 03:03 pm by Cherryontop
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Jan 16, 2004


I decided to have a blogdrive site too.Jump For Joy I think it is pretty cool...but still not as cool as Xanga.LOL.Sorry I being kind of hyper.I don't think I have a fever anymore.I hope not.Well I'm going to go.Bye Nyez


Posted at 08:36 pm by Cherryontop
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